Xeikon Rolls Out Novel Digital Label Solution


Xeikon earlier announced that the firm is introducing an entry-level label printing and converting solution. This Label Discovery solution comprises of Xeikon 3030. It is the basic web-provided digital labels press. It also consists of the novel entryDcoat. This entryDcoat is said to be a digital converting line with options to be used inline or offline with Xeikon 3030.

The novel solution is scheduled to be featured at Labelexpo Americas. David Wilkins, VP, sales, North American market, Xeikon, proclaimed that while digital label printing is said to be the fast-developing standard business, few firms are still not convinced to invest in this latest technology. He added that the reason behind this resistance might be the prices or the shortage of a truthfully proficient entry-level solution. Wilkins stated that the minimum price of the Xeikon Label Discovery solution will convince the target customers and allow firms to accept the latest digital technology.

On a similar note, Durst recently announced that the firm has decided to demonstrate its novel Tau 330 RSC UV inkjet single pass printer in booth 5901 at Labelexpo Americas, which is scheduled to be held in Chicago. Helmuth Munter, Global Segment Manager, Labels & Package Printing, Durst Group, proclaimed that the Durst Tau 330 RSC already has successfully achieved more than 10 installations in Europe. He added that customers are satisfied and impressed with the print quality and production speed of the latest printer.

Also, low variable and minimum ownership cost have attracted customers to purchase the novel model. Munter stated that the latest model is said to be a game changer. He added that the model is successfully competing with the traditional print technologies. The features of the novel model allow it to become the mainstream technology of label printing in the upcoming future.

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