Global Automotive Smart Glass Market 2018 Top Manufacturers – AGC, PPG Industries, SmartGlass International, SAGE Electrochromics

Global Automotive Smart Glass Industry Growth, Size, Sales, Supply Chain, Production Revenue 2018

Automotive Smart Glass MarketThe global Automotive Smart Glass market research report compiles a comprehensive synopsis of the recent trends and current market situations influencing the global Automotive Smart Glass market. The report offers realistic figures demonstrating the industrial progress and revenues. It also presents the data related to the changing market structures that influence industries & markets and technologies & abilities. The report offers a practical outlook with detailed analysis of the global Automotive Smart Glass market.

What’s more, the Automotive Smart Glass industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed. The industry analysis have also been done to examine the impact of various factors and understand the overall attractiveness of the industry. Also, a six-year (2012 to 2017) historic analysis is provided in report. The market is valued at XX million USD in 2016 and is expected to reach XX million USD by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of XX % between 2016 and 2023.

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Scope of the report:

The report highlights the factors impacting on the market cost, market growth, production, import, gross margin, consumption, supply, rate, and consumption. The study also presents the extensive data of the global Automotive Smart Glass market along with growth prediction in the upcoming period. Various methodological techniques are implemented to review the global Automotive Smart Glass market. The report also uses the SWOT analysis for analyzing the global Automotive Smart Glass market.

It highlights the summary of various key elements such as applications, definitions, and the chain structure of the global Automotive Smart Glass market. It also presents facts and figures of the global Automotive Smart Glass industry. The report offers the region-wise(North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, ROW) summary of the global Automotive Smart Glass market.

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Segmentation based on Manufactures:
Top Manufacturers: AGC, PPG Industries, SmartGlass International, SAGE Electrochromics, Gentex, Hitachi Chemicals, View Inc, Glass Apps, Research Frontiers, Scienstry Inc

The Automotive Smart Glass market is expanding in various geographical regions such as the United States, China, and Japan because of the increasing product demand in those areas. The report uses various techniques to review important records of the global Automotive Smart Glass market that help the user in predicting the future business scenarios and scope of the global Automotive Smart Glass market.

The global Automotive Smart Glass report uses various tools such as graphs and tables to demonstrate the data collected from the global Automotive Smart Glass market. It also highlights dominating players along with their shares in the global Automotive Smart Glass market. The report offers various business strategies that help the new market players to plan their business moves. It works as a valuable reference guide for the marketing people, consultants, sales & product managers, industry executives, and other individuals looking for the reliable analysis of the global Automotive Smart Glass market.

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Prices For Construction Material Dropped In August


Prices for construction material were dropped by 0.5% in August but are 8.1% above the mark as compared to the same time a year back, as per the study of Bureau of Labor Statistics data conducted by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). Prices for nonresidential construction material dropped by 0.4% in August but are up 8.3% as compared to the same time a year back. Prices for softwood lumber dropped by 9.6% in August, but are up 5% more as compared to the same time a year back.

“Shareholders will be lured to look upon this month’s Producer Price Index report for construction material as evidence claim that the period of rapidly increasing costs is almost on the verge to end,” claimed Anirban Basu, Chief Economist at ABC, to the media in an interview. “Costs of essential materials have been elevated for quite some period. This would aim to tempt a huge supply of these goods and, in return, lower the prices.

Speaking of the construction material, North Korea recently launched a series of big construction initiatives all over the nation. This includes modernization of the Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourist Zone and Samjiyon along with new buildings on the streets of Pyongyang. In the meantime, North Korean executives have been aiming on both avoiding unlawful stealing of current materials from sites and obtaining new construction materials.

Supplies of wood, steel beams, and other construction materials including cement have declined owing to damage from floods and international sanctions. The North Korean executives have been increasing security to avoid the theft of such materials. This is an issue that the executives have conventionally been more negligent about.

“Kangwon Province has undergone a huge amount of damage from flooding and the executives are having trouble providing adequate construction materials for the development of Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourist Zone,” a source claimed to the media.

BASF Releases A Series Of New Concrete Additives

At the recently held International seminar on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, a range of new concrete additives has been released by BASF—a construction chemicals company. The new range of additives was launched within the Master Builders Solutions brand of BASF.

Manufactured Concrete’s Segment Manager, Nicoletta Zeminian, said, “Concrete additives belonging to the MasterCast series assist the manufacture of autoclaved aerated concrete by disbanding the binder particles well, thus enabling the water content of the new concrete to be reduced considerably.”

The new additives, a fraction of the MasterCast series, enable rapid and more competent production, slashing the pre-curing period as the concrete inflates and sets simultaneously. This is attained through decreased water quantity and MasterCast enhances the rheology without tweaking the pore formation process. By lessening the pre-curing stage, a rapid turnover of moulds and consequent speeding up of the manufacturing procedure is attained. Consequently, the material’s composition can be altered to one less pricey, thus decreasing prices for the consumer.

MasterCast will be placed together with other solutions from the Master Builders Solutions brand, like the MasterPel that provides a hydrophobic effect to the AAC, the Master X-Seed that speeds up hardening, and MasterFinish range that enables for easier formwork elimination and more efficient maintenance & cleaning.

Apart from this, BASF SE is also planning to escalate the production capacity of HDO (1,6-hexanediol) at its Ludwigshafen Verbund unit by over 50%. Following the startup in 2021, the HDO’s worldwide annual nameplate capacity of BASF will be over 70,000 metric tons/year at its manufacturing facilities in Freeport, Texas, and Ludwigshafen, Germany.

HDO adds value in a number of applications by offering hydrolysis resistance, flexibility, weatherability, and adhesion to the end-products. On account of its better performance in comparison to other materials, customers of BASF utilize the intermediate to devise high-quality automotive, industrial, leather or wood coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, and polyurethane plastics.

Asphalt Sealant Designed To Glue Concrete Cracks

Guoqiang Li, the Mechanical Engineering Professor at Louisiana State University (LSU), and his team have designed a shape memory polymer that will possibly not only save the roads but also time & money.

“The issue of cracking in pavement has been present for over a century,” Guoqiang claimed to the media. “You must have a fine sealant as no one can control it. We suggest a sealant that acts thermally against common physics.”

In 2009, Guoqiang received a donation for a project titled, A Shape Memory Polymer-Based Self-Healing Sealant for Expansion Joint from the Transportation Research Board. The project employed a single-way slab of shape memory polymer as sealant, which was stretched in a vertical direction and squashed in a horizontal direction before installation. This catered to the seasonal narrowing & widening of concrete pavement’s expansion joints. Guoqiang’s team set up the sealant in 2 joints on LSU’s campus along CEBA Lane in 2011.

The LSU professor includes asphalt to the sealant to not only lower the price, but also assist the sealant mix with the concrete. Asphalt in the mixture can also defend the sealant from slow aging and environmental attack.

On a similar note, the opera program from LSU has got a donation worth $4 Million that will pay to modernize an on-campus recital hall, which hosts over 300 performances each year.

The gift from Jerry Fischer and John Turner is the biggest that the LSU College of Music and Dramatic Arts has ever got. The opera hub will be named after the duo of donors that the university claims have backed opera initiatives all over the world.

The donation will support other opera needs and compensate for the renovation of performance space. Turner and Fischer claimed to the media in an interview that the LSU music school is highly known for its excellence.

Neelkanth Mishra Claims That Construction Industry Shows Signs Of Development

GDP increment at 8.2% for the quarter of June is a sturdy indicator but the number itself must not be considered as a sturdy sign of development, claimed MD and India strategist & economist at Credit Suisse, Neelkanth Mishra to the media in a statement.

If we analyze the results of June quarter for firms, most of the outcomes have come off from a low base, claims Mishra. If we remember the timeframe in the run-up to the beginning of the GST (Goods & Services Tax) regime, there was noteworthy inventory decrement in the economy that resulted to a drop in industrial development in 2017.

“The fact that we developed at 10.3% is not astonishing. On a basis of 2-year CAGR, the development is flat. The trend development is carrying on but what concerns me is that even at this development we are operating a balance of payment deficit and hence this development seems unsustainable,” claimed Mishra.

On a similar note, the June quarter was quite impressive for the complete construction industry, specifically for firms in the road construction industry. On a collective basis, 14 firms have clocked 33% year-on-year development in net profit, which is quite motivating for an industry that was entirely disregarded sometime back. Many firms clocked earnings above street anticipations. Dilip Buildcon, clocked 108% development in earnings, chased by 56% development by J Kumar Infraprojects and 43% in the case of HG Infra.

Sturdy pick up and order book in execution is boosting the development. At the time of Q1 FY19, firms clocked 16% income development on an average. Dilip Buildcon clocked a 46% development in income, chased by close to 50% development for others such as J Kumar. The biggest enhancement was decrement in interest price, which led to strong improvement in profitability and huge savings.

Cemex Rolls Out Vertua, A New Low-Carbon Concrete Range

Cemex has rolled out Vertua, a new series of low-carbon concrete. The product has been developed to meet the new needs of the E+C- measures and to supply concrete with the lowered impact of carbon, but corresponding to performance results, claims the company.

As per the latest statement from Cemex France, where the development has occurred, “Corresponding to the Paris deals, the Government of France and the building sector have set themselves the objective of designing low carbon buildings and positive energy. It is in this context that the E+C- or Energy-Carbon performance standard took place.”

The E+C- standards set higher level needs for energy usage in comparison to those of the Thermal Regulations of 2012. It also plans to lower the buildings’ carbon footprint over their whole life span.

Cemex already provides a series of products to lower the energy usage of buildings, comprising Insularis and Thermoform. The latest low carbon concrete range of Vertua, is aimed at various parts of a building such as the floors or the foundations, claims Cemex.

Speaking of Cemex, in 2017 the company traded 970,000 Tons of cement, while the export sales’ share increased to 70%, claimed the management of the company. Increasing exports to markets such as Finland and Sweden rewarded for the sanctions-associated loss in exports to Russia. The growth in Latvia was recorded in all sectors due to a robust development of the construction industry in Latvia in 2017.

The loss took place mainly due to depreciation and interest costs increasing more than EUR 300 Million on the construction of Europe’s most developed cement factory in western Latvia at Broceni. In 2016, Cemex earned EUR 57.986 Million income in Latvia, down from 2015’s 18.5%, and cut its loss to EUR 14.031 Million by 21%, as per the industry sources.

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