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Dennis Wilson
Sr. Content Writer & Editor

Dennis has completed Masters in Agrochemicals. He owns a rich experience of 10 years and works as a rich source of knowledge in the chemical and fertilizers section of agriculture. Dennis is a renowned personality and honored for his best contribution to the agricultural field. He contributes with a unique style of communicating for Chemical News 24. He enjoys music in his free time.

Email: dennis.w@chemicalnews24.com

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Francisca Cabrera
Author & Writer

Francisca comes from a science background and possesses a master degree in Chemistry. She has achieved a strong position in Chemical News 24 by offering 5 years of contribution in the field of specialty chemicals. She also holds a deep knowledge of Plastics & Polymers. Apart from his regular work routine, She loves to experiment in the kitchen and cook various cuisines.

Email: francisca.c@chemicalnews24.com

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Andrew Schneider
Writer & Contributor

With 7 years of strong experience in the field of Industrial Coatings, Andrew holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. He has been honored for putting innovative ideas in the field of industrial coatings. Andrew has his own way of working. He loves adventures and he is fond of trekking and exploring new places in his free time.

Email: andrew.s@chemicalnews24.com

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